About Us

The New Zealand Sheep Milk Co brand is part of the Blue River Dairy family of sheep milk brands. Blue River Dairy started in 2003 as a small sheep milking dairy company with a dedicated cheese factory where they perfected the art of sheep milk feta cheese. In the last 9 years the company has grown significantly and operates as a vertically integrated company where we control every aspect of the production of our products – from pasture to plate.

The New Zealand Sheep Milk Co brand was developed to service the local needs of New Zealanders, while a large portion of Blue River Dairy’s products are exported to countries such as China, we wanted to ensure we kept the best NZ Sheep Milk Co has to offer for New Zealanders.

Many families are finding the need to look for alternative dairy sources for themselves and their children as dairy intolerance and digestive problems are becoming more prevalent. While there is an abundance of fresh cows milk products on the market – alternatives are limited. NZ SheepMilk Co – whole sheep milk powder is an alternative that is not only great tasting and versatile, but is gentle on the digestive system and packed full of nutrients and vitamins that are essential in everyone’s daily diet.